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Why use Collaboration Manager?

Use  SharePoint Site Provisioning   
to minimize your administrative effort! 

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  • Completely non-binding, no need to cancel
  • Easy installation
  • Manage your sites, groups and teams easily      
  • Custom request process, group & user management and governance rules   
  • Enable your users to create new sites, groups and teams (site collection based)   
  • Provision sites, groups and teams with just one click

Site Provisioning like a Boss

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Provisioning of SharePoint sites, groups and teams without a single line of code. Get started with a collaboration portal in SharePoint or Office 365 – use new layouts, field types, templates and social features in your workspace.

Synch across existing sites
Synchronize your changes in the template to all existing teamsites, groups and teams without programming or manual configuration.

Template Engine
Create custom templates for SharePoint teamsites, groups and teams with just a click. Customize your template with standard functionality and save the complete template as a file in a document library.

Teamsite Request
Request sites, groups and teams in a standard SharePoint list and add an approval workflow. Get your fully functional teamsite, group or team without any manual configuration in a few minutes and start working on your project.

"By using Collaboration Manager we are saving a considerable amount of time in daily business (creating / configuring SiteCollections) and thus are able to focus on new projects and innovations. Without Collaboration Manager it simply wouldn’t work for us any more."

Michaela MeißnerBauer AG

"Thanks to automatic site provisioning with different templates, the collaboration and project portal of my customer is now super easy to use."

Markus Kawollek, nuboworkers GmbH

For all platforms - SharePoint On-Premises, Cloud or Hybrid